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Our technology leverages nature's sterilization techniques. Our products utilize Ozone and UV Light to naturally disinfect rooms,

Powerful Tools for
Infection & Odor Control

FirstResponder® Technologies/Genlantis is a San Diego-based company founded to produce sterilization products that protect the health and safety of every individual and community. Our reliable solutions provide powerful and cost-effective methods for sterilizing rooms, equipment, air and surfaces. Applications include: corporate offices, laboratory space, Biotech & Pharma rooms, health care settings, laboratory equipment, nonautoclavable tools & instruments, vehicles, and numerous other applications. The patented technology behind the FirstResponder® ozone sterilizers eliminates up to 99.99% of hundreds of common pathogens including coronaviruses. We are proud to offer these solutions to Biocom members at a discount and to help you stay healthy, and stay open.

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FirstResponder® solutions are proven to effectively sterilize enclosed spaces of all sizes. With the push of a button, our battle-tested products will take on every invisible enemy, leaving your environment germ free. Whether it be a laboratory or a corporate office, you can feel safe knowing that both surface and airborne pathogens and allergens will be eliminated.


Our scientifically verified solutions destroys harmful pathogens, keeping your hospital/clinic a place where patients and staff stay healthy.

Office Buildings

Protect employees from harmful diseases and allergens with the power of FirstResponder® solutions.


Remove viruses and bacteria lurking in your laboratory and ensure staff safety with FirstResponder® technology

Our Technologies

FirstResponder® Technologies Ozone/UV-C machines are the strongest and most comprehensive room temperature units for removing harmful pathogens. And decontaminate without harsh chemicals or residue.


Using ozone gas ions, FirstResponder® Ozone Sterilizers effectively disinfect any enclosed space, laboratory incubators, shaker baths, refrigerators, freezers or any non-autoclavable tools/instruments in under an hour. Our patented scrubbing technology automatically removes most remaining ozone after a cycle by converting it safely back to oxygen.

UV-C Light

FirstResponder® and SteriZAP® UV-C Sterilizers kill pathogens in seconds using short wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light. Intruments can disinfect air/surfaces in clean rooms, lab space, offices, conference rooms, locker/ restrooms, exercise areas or any other contained area. Our UV-C Room sterilizers and UVC Robot are equipped with motion detection and remote control for safer operations.


Applying disinfectants in a more controlled manner, SteriZAP® Electrostatic Sprayers eliminate liquid pooling and overuse. This allows for efficient decontamination of workplaces, labtops, rooms, and any other high traffic areas.


Our solutions provide an efficient, reliable and cost-effective method to sterilize rooms, laboratories, buildings, clean rooms and multiple other applications. The patented technology behind FirstResponder® ozone sterilization products eliminate up to 99.99% of hundreds of common pathogens, including influenza, the common cold, strep throat, MRSA, and coronaviruses, in minutes.

Disinfect Any Space

Disinfect rooms, objects, and surfaces with ozone, UV light, & electrostatic spraying

Prevent Outbreaks

Prevent outbreaks of hard-totreat illnesses, such as influenza, coronaviruses, and MRSA

Reduce Staff Sick Time

Reduce sick time with “pathogen-free” environments

Quick Response Time

Disinfect entire rooms in minutes

No Toxic Buildup

No toxic chemical buildup or odors

Patented Scrub Cycle

Patented scrub cycle converts ozone back to oxygen in a few minutes


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FirstResponder® Sterilizer

The FirstResponder® Sterilizer utilizes ozone gas to kill pathogens. This unique, patented device has been tested in some of the most disease-ridden environments, and without fail has sterilized all of them

$7,900.00 Shop Now

FirstResponder® Metro Sterilizer

By generating ozone gas, the Metro Sterilizer eliminates pathogens and unpleasant odors. Applications include mass transit buses, school buses, trains, trolly cars, large contained rooms and EMS vehicles. Comes with two high velocity scrubbers, power chord extensions, and remote.

$14,400.00 Shop Now

FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer

FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer utilizes UV light to eliminate pathogens on any surface in seconds. The Germicidal UV-C kills microorganisms by disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions. Rechargeable Battery pack.

$699.00 Shop Now

SteriZAP® UV-C Room Sterilizer

The SteriZAP® UV-C Room Sterilizer ST uses Germicidal UV-C light to kill pathogens in small to medium sized rooms. Adjustable arms with four 55W lamps rotate and expose the entire room to UV-C light, which in turn kills potentially deadly pathogens. Remote control and motion detection.

$4,199.00 Shop Now

SteriZAP® Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

Great for floors, walls, desktops, sports & exercise equipment sterilization and areas that need to be regularly disinfected. Can be purchased with EZ Bleach Tablets.

$2995.00 Shop Now

SteriZAP® Germicidal Sprayer

A portable disinfection powerhouse for floors, walls, surfaces, and dozens of other applications. Unit comes with a 1 liter reservoir for sufficient non-stop spraying.

$495.00 Shop Now

FirstResponder® Handheld UV-C Sterilizer

Utilizes UV-C light for rapid spot sterilization of areas that have been exposed to potential pathogens. Can eliminate pathogens in seconds.

$699.00 Shop Now

SentryTHERM™ Biometric Temp Scanner

Digital screening of people in any businesses interested in detecting, documenting, and controlling elevated temperatures. Can screen with and without a mask.

$1995.00 Shop Now

TempZAP® Non-Contact Thermometer

Instant digital reading thermometer that has a refined IR reader for highly accurate and rapid non-contact scans of skin temperature.

$195.00 Shop Now

FirstResponder® UV-C Robot

Autonomous sterilization robot equipped with the world’s leading composite and navigation technology. iPad controlled with programmable route guidance and selfcharging.

$24,900.00 Shop Now

CoolCLAVE™ Blue

Uses special lighting bulbs that produces both UV and ozone to sanitize items of all kinds like pipettes, pipette tips, face masks, protective eye wear, masks, and much more.

$795.00 Shop Now

FirstResponder® NEST & Sterilizer

The FirstResponder® Nest is a specially designed and manufactured sterilizer container for use with the Nest. Price includes FirstResponder® Nest and O3 Nest Sterilizer.

$7310.00 Shop Now

EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets

More effective and safer than regular bleach, this tub is the equivalent to buying and storing 160 gallons of standard bleach. For use with SteriZAP® Sprayers.

$440.00 Shop Now