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SteriZAP® Germicidal Sprayer
SteriZAP® Germicidal Sprayer

SteriZAP® Germicidal Sprayer

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The SteriZAP® Germicidal Sprayer is a portable disinfection powerhouse for school classrooms, playgrounds, lockers, sports equipment, offices, buses, and dozens of other applications. SteriZAP Germicidal Sprayer works efficiently and effectively at disinfecting. The nozzle and trigger are adjustable, allowing for broad coverage of a very fine disinfecting mist spray.

The unit comes with a 1 liter reservoir for sufficient non-stop spraying. The SteriZAP Germicidal Sprayer in many ways is superior to other hand spraying devices. The SteriZAP Sprayer is well balanced for comfortable spraying and not nose heavy like some other sprayers on the market. The 42V LI-ION battery offers extended power for the SteriZAP® Germicidal Sprayer.

The SteriZAP Germicidal Sprayer can be used with all EPA approved disinfectant liquids and can also be used with Germicidal Tablets. Simply add 1 or 2 tablets to the water reservoir and you are on your way to great disinfection coverage and peace of mind.


How to Use:

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FirstResponder® Technologies Sterilization Products can assist in reducing most surface and air contaminants with proper usage of product. CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPERATION AND SAFETY OF YOUR FIRSTRESPONDER TECHNOLOGIES PRODUCT(S) PRIOR TO USE. FirstResponder® Technologies makes no claims, and offers no guarantees, of any kind, that the sterilizer product will eliminate or reduce 100% of all contaminants under all circumstances. FirstResponder® Technologies sprayers may be used with certain disinfectants listed on the United States Environmental Protection Agency List N. The user should follow the manufacturer’s safety and use recommendations guidance for the particular disinfectant chosen when using FirstResponder Disinfectant sprayers.

Technical Parameter

Model SteriZAP Electrostatic Sprayer
Battery Core lithium battery
Sprayer body ABS material
Tank capacity 10L (2.27Gallons)
Working times 3.5 hours(used for outdoor,with fan open). 9-10 hours(used in door, with fan off)
Charging time 90 minutes
Nozzle Sprayer Sizes 20 micron, 40 micron, 80 micron
Effective range 3-6m (Electrostatic with fan open). 1-2m (Electrostatic with fan off)
Rated Voltage 24V
Battery capacity 20AH
Rated power 200W
Gross weight 11.5kg
Packing size 728*273*660mm
Warranty 12 months
Application Can be used for indoor/Environmental disinfection/Cleaning/Epidemic prevention/Public place/Hospital/Building...