The Most Powerful Tools for
Infection and Odor Control
Triatomic Oxygen
UV-C Light

More than 200 people will die today because of shortcomings in sterilization


Contaminated surfaces stay that way... for a long time.


How do our products work?

Our technology leverages nature's sterilization techniques. Our products utilize Ozone and UV Light to naturally disinfect rooms, objects and surfaces. The use of these two technologies has grown in the healthcare industry as people have discovered the efficacy and efficiency of using such technology. Due to the simplicity of our products, entire rooms can be disinfected in under an hour! What's the best part? No harsh chemicals are used, and no toxic byproducts are created! 

JEMS Hot Product award!

I don’t know why any EMS agency, transport or first response, would not want equipment that will kill 99.999% of the microbes in a response/transport vehicle. It’s a relatively cost-effective solution to an age old problem.

Randy Lauer

AMR, Regional Director

"These sterilizers are necessary after transporting an infected patient, so we can go home safely at night."

Chief of Operations - Fire

San Diego, CA

"The ozone sterilizer is wonderful"

Gregory Scott

Able Medical Transportation - President