Tapping the Power of Nature's Strongest Sterilizers

Sterilization You Can Count on

The FirstResponder® Triatomic Oxygen Generator and the SteriZAP™ UV-C Sterilizers (Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Sterilizers) are the strongest and most comprehensive methods for elimination of harmful pathogens. Both decontaminate with no harsh chemicals or residue.

FirstResponder® Triatomic Oxygen Generator

SteriZAP™ Ultraviolet Germicidal Light

What's on the Surface

Table 1. Surface contaminant pre and post treatment with FirstResponder® Sterilizer.

Location Pre-treatment * Post-treatment *
Door Handle 14 0
Biohazard Container Top 4,705 18
Gurney Handle 272 0
Ceiling Handrail 17 0
Floor (rear, right entry) 247 0
Bench Seat 109 0
Blood Pressure Cuff 216 5
Driver Steering Wheel 24 0

Test #1

Test #2

TABLE 2: Contaminant species presence using testing profile for hospital screening (Hospital profile SOP 2.3).performed by third-party testing lab.

BEFORE FirstResponder® AFTER FirstResponder®
Bacillus species 6100 0
Coag-negative Staphylococcus 800 0
Pseudomonas straminea 195 0
Roseomonas 70 0

How does it work?

The FirstResponder® Sterilizer may be used effectively for many applications

Holding Rooms
Municipal Transportation
Exposed Surfaces