Our Technology – First-Responder-Technologies

Tapping the Power of Nature’s Strongest Sterilizers

The FirstResponder® Sterilizer, SteriZAP™ UV-C Sterilizers, and SteriZAP™ UV-C Air Purifiers are the strongest and most comprehensive units for removing harmful pathogens. Both decontaminate without harsh chemicals or residue.

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Ozone Sterilizers

  • Destroy potentially harmful pathogens using ozone gas ions
  • No outside source of oxygen gas needed, the FirstResponder Sterilizer converts ambient oxygen into ozone
  • After the fumigation cycle completes, the patented FirstResponder Scrubbing Technology removes most remaining ozone by quickly converting it back to oxygen
  • Effectively and efficiently disinfects enclosed spaces in under an hour
  • Helps eliminate chronic odors
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UV-C Sterilizers

  • Uses short wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms
  • Kills germs in seconds by exposing the infected area to UV-C light
  • Can disinfect surfaces in EMS vehicles, medical offices, hospital rooms, locker/restrooms, classrooms, or any other contained area
  • Helps eliminate chronic odors
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Electrostatic Sterilizers

  • Applies disinfectants in a more efficient, controlled manner, eliminating liquid pools and overuse
  • Allows for efficient decontamination of workplaces, schools, buses, public transit and any other highly traffic areas
  • Uses less disinfectants and will save money without compromising effectiveness
  • A superior method for reducing pathogens such as MRSA, C. Difficile, Flu, Norovirus, Rotovirus, and Coronaviruses
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UV-C Air Purifiers

Naturally Eliminate 99.99% Of Pathogens

  • Disinfect rooms up to 500 square feet per unit
  • Does not contain any ozone or chemicals
  • Filtering dirty air in and sterilizing it with UV-C light
  • Passively keeps air clean in any room
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FirstResponder® Benefits

Naturally disinfect rooms, objects, and surfaces with ozone or UV light.

Reduces staff sick time with “pathogen-free” and hypoallergenic work environments.

Patented Scrub Cycle that converts triatomic oxygen back to oxygen (ozone) in just a few minutes.

Prevent outbreaks of disease agents that are difficult to treat or control like coronavirus or MRSA.

Quick response time allows disinfecting entire rooms in under an hour.

No toxic chemical buildup or odors.


A Solution for Every Industry

Police Departments

Everything we do is focused on disinfecting smarter and faster, so you can keep your police fleet clean and ready for the road.

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First Responders

Our technology removes viruses and bacteria lurking in your ambulances, ensuring staff and patient safety.

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Protect students and faculty from harmful diseases and allergens with the power and convenience of FirstResponder.

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Hospitals & Clinics

Our scientifically verified technology destroys harmful pathogens, keeping your hospital / clinic a place where patients and staff stay healthy.

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Sports Facilities

FirstResponder® Sterilizers deliver serious cleaning and disinfecting power, especially when it involves sanitizing locker rooms or gyms.

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Keeping yout lifeguard station and vehicles disinfected should be part of your daily routing. See how FirstResponder® can help you sanitize your facilities quickly.

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Nursing Home

We developed a product line that effectively and efficiently disinfects, so that you can feel secure that your staff and patients will stay safe.

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Public Transportation

Buses, metros and other modes of public transportation are a hotbeds for harmful bacterias such as MRSA, staph, and many others.

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