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Keep residents safe with proper sterilization

We understand the importance of keeping loved ones protected during these uncertain times. FirstResponder® provides a powerful solution that eliminates 99.9% of pathogens without any harmful chemicals or residue.

Protect family in nursing homes with FirstResponder®

Harmful diseases can remain on surfaces for up to weeks without proper decontamination procedures. Our products naturally eliminate these disease- causing agents by using the natural power of ozone and UV light hence keeping residents, friends and family safe from potential illness.
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How you can use FirstResponder®


FirstResponder® products are built to handle big cleanup jobs using the power of ozone and UV light. We provide all the disinfecting power you love without harmful chemicals or residue.

Common Areas

We are dedicated to saving you both time and energy, and that starts by using our patented, high quality sterilizers. Disinfect rooms in minutes using our UV-C technology.


Our germicidal sprayers eliminate pathogens on floors, tabletops, walls, and any other area that needs disinfection in seconds, providing peace of mind in the ongoing pandemic.

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SteriZAP® UV-C Ceiling Air Sterilizer (2'x2')

Proven effective at disinfecting rooms up to 500 square feet per unit.

FirstResponder® Sterilizer
$ 7,900

Generates ozone gas/ions which eliminates both harmful and contaminants and unpleasant odors.

FirstResponder® UV-C Room Sterilizer ST

Adjustable arms with four lamps rotate and expose the entire room to UV-C light.