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EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets
EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets

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EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets

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This Tub of EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets is equivalent to buying and storing 160 gallons of standard bleach.  It is also more effective and safer than regular bleach.


  • No harsh fumes for the end user
  • Less corrosive to surfaces compared to liquid bleach
  • Neutral and consistent pH levels
  • Made in the USA and EPA registered
  • Tablets have a 3 year shelf life
  • Flexibility – Easily control the level of dilution to match your specific disinfectant requirements.
  • Safe & convenient – No handling or measuring concentrated hazardous liquids


  • Kills C. difficile spores in 10 minutes
  • 99.9% effective against respiratory syncytial viruses and influenza H1N1 (colds and flu)
  • Better than liquid bleach
    • more sustainable
    • easier to handle and store
    • stable formulation
  • Use as a sanitizer, broad-spectrum disinfectant and/or sporicide


  • A replacement for liquid bleach solutions