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Arrive at the scene 99.99% clean

We are dedicated to keeping police departments safe from disease-causing agents. Our powerful solutions eliminate 99.9% of pathogens without any harmful chemicals or residue.

Keep your fleet safe from harmful pathogens

FirstResponder® technology fully and effectively disinfect vehicles and enclosed spaces using ozone, UV light, and electrostatics, so you can focus on fighting crime instead of fighting germs.
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How you can use FirstResponder®

Police Vehicles

Everything we do is focused on disinfecting smarter and faster, so you can keep your police fleet clean and ready for the road.

Holding Cells

We are dedicated to saving you both time and energy, and that starts by using our patented, high quality sterilizers. Dsinfect a holding cell in seconds using our germicidal sprayers.

Office Spaces

Our products are built to handle big cleanup jobs using the power of ozone and UV light. We provide all the disinfecting power you love without harmful chemicals or residue.

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SteriZAP® UV-C Ceiling Air Sterilizer (2'x2')

Proven effective at disinfecting rooms up to 500 square feet per unit.

FirstResponder® Sterilizer
$ 7,900

Generates ozone gas/ions which eliminates both harmful and contaminants and unpleasant odors.

FirstResponder® UV-C Room Sterilizer ST

Adjustable arms with four lamps rotate and expose the entire room to UV-C light.