SteriZAP™ UV-C Room Sterilizer

SteriZAP™ UV-C Room Sterilizer

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SteriZAP UV-C Room Sterilizer utilizes Germicidal UV-C light to kill pathogens in small to medium sized rooms.

Adjustable arms with four lamps rotate and expose the entire room to UV-C light, which in turn kills potentially deadly pathogens.

  • The SteriZAP UV-C Sterilizer is portable (wheel mounted).
  • Kills over 650 Pathogens in minutes including COVID-19, MRSA, C. Difficile, Norovirus, TB, Influenza, Hepatitis.
  • Has a programmable timer, and a motion sensor shutoff for operational safety.
  • For operation unlatch the two side compartments, pull lamps out, and rotate arms to the desired angles.
  • Uses standard 120v AC power cord.


  • Hospital/Operation Room
  • Medical Office
  • Locker Room
  • Restroom