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FirstResponder releases FirstResponder® Portable UVC Sterilizer to eliminate pathogens from surfaces in seconds

FirstResponder® Technologies, a California company that produces cost-effective sterilization solutions for vehicles, schools, nursing homes, ambulances, homes and many other settings, released a new product today to combat COVID-19, the FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer 


Completely cordless, the FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer eliminates more than 650 pathogens from any surface in seconds. Whether it be classroom desk, contaminated medical equipment, or shopping cart handle, this revolutionary sterilizer removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria using UVC light. 

FirstResponder CEO, Tony Sorge, understands the necessity of economical and efficient sterilization equipment for use in public settings like classrooms and nursing homes. “We are working tirelessly at FirstResponder to offer scientifically proven solutions to help combat COVID-19. Our FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer is a new tool to quickly eliminate COVID-19 and other harmful pathogens and bring a peace of mind during these uncertain times.” 

The FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer leverages natural sterilization techniques of ultraviolet (UV) light to eradicate pathogens. With the flip of a switch, the cordless sterilizer irradiates the surface of the intended object, killing viruses and bacteria with powerful UVC light. Both environmentally friendly and efficient, the FirstResponder® Portable UVC Sterilizer is a pivotal solution during the ongoing battle against COVID-19. 

When comparing UVC products commonly sold on virtual websites, the FirstResponder® Portable UVC Sterilizer proved to be up to25 times more powerful. Tony Sorge demonstrated this in the video “Does UV-C Light Kill Pathogens?” Sorge found that several common UVC devices sold reached 85 µW/cm2, a very low and ineffective output. In contrast, the FirstResponder® Portable UVC Sterilizer output levels were 25x more power, producing more than 2,000 µW/cm2.  The FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer delivers powerful sterilization power.  

“The beauty of this device is how easy it is to use.” Comments Tony Sorge. “In just a few seconds, the FirstResponder® Portable UVC Sterilizer can fully disinfect computer keyboards, countertops, gym equipment, handles, and much more. I encourage business owners, school administrators, transportation, and even concerned homeowners to learn more about the benefits of the FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer. ” 

Priced at $699.00, the FirstResponder® Portable UV-C Sterilizer is available for purchase today at 

On behalf of FirstResponder®, thank you for helping to support American manufacturing and scientific jobs.  

About FirstResponder  

FirstResponder leverages the natural disinfecting power of sunlight and oxygen to sterilize spaces of all sizes. The Company’s portfolio consists of the strongest and most comprehensive solutions for removing harmful pathogens in schools, nursing homes, universities, ambulances, police vehicles, and even homes.