FirstResponder Sterilizer

Chemical free sterilization for Police Vehicles

The Complete Sterilization Solution

Surface and airborne pathogens can remain in law enforcement vehicles for weeks without proper decontamination procedures. Left untreated, areas that contain a great deal of contamination with pathogenic microorganisms may cause sickness or even death from exposure. Contamination from vehicles can easily be spread to the workplace and to the homestead by coming into contact with affected surfaces and carrying pathogenic microorganisms on clothing and/or skin.

The solution to this hazardous problem is found in The FirstResponder Sterilizer from Genlantis: a simple, effective, and safe sterilization device that removes infectious organisms from both surfaces and the air.

The FirstResponder Sterilizer has made it safer and easier than ever to use ozone/silver ion fumigation gas for multiple sterilization applications. The FirstResponder Sterilizer is a unique and innovative vehicle and small room Sterilizer from Genlantis. It uses ozone gas to target and sterilize against harmful microorganisms and contains a special filter to convert remainder ozone gas back to oxygen in minutes after the ozone gas fumigation completes.

The FirstResponder Sterilizer generates ozone gas which eliminates both harmful contaminants and unpleasant odors from the following sources:

  • Vomit
  • Blood
  • Feces
  • Urine
  • Saliva
  • Semen
  • Skin cells
  • Hair
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Parasites
99.999% efficacy
Kills 650 Pathogens
Fast Fumigation/Scrub cycles
Portable, powerful and easy to use
Low operating cost
No prep time and requirements
Environmentally green
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FirstResponder Sterilizer

The FirstResponder Sterilizer is a very powerful, durable and portable ozone sterilizer specifically designed for sterilizing the inside of ambulance, fire and rescue vehicles.

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How it works

The FirstResponder Sterilizer produces very high levels of Ozone Gas /Silver Ions that completely destroy deadly pathogens and leave the inside of any ambulance, fire and rescue vehicles smelling fresh and clean.

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