FirstResponder Sterilizer

The FirstResponder Sterilizer, is a very powerful, durable and portable ozone sterilizer specifically designed for sterilizing the inside of law enforcement vehicles.

The FirstResponder Sterilizer produces very high levels of Ozone Gas/Silver Ions that completely destroy deadly pathogens and leave the inside of any vehicle smelling fresh and clean by fumigating every cubic inch of the vehicle.

The FirstResponder Sterilizer is at killing pathogenic organisms, it is 100% safe to use. After the Ozone/Silver Ion fumigation cycle finishes, the patented FirstResponder Scrubber Technology removes all remaining Ozone Gas/Silver ions in the air within minutes by converting it to oxygen, allowing fast and safer access to the sterilized vehicle.


Portable and powerful
User friendly protocol
Low ownership cost
Low cost to operate
Minimal training necessary to operate
No preparation time and requirements
Less than 1 hour total cycle time
Acts on multiple organisms (bacteria, virus, proteins, etc.)
No need to store, handle, use, or dispose of chemical sanitation agents
No chemical buildup on surfaces
Ozone penetrates into areas chemicals and UV light cannot reach
Ozone naturally back to oxygen with time (or quickly with the aid of the FirstResponder patented scrubber system)
Ozone has no known long term side effects. A truly “Green Sterilizer”
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Prevent buildup of pathogens to infectious levels in Police vehicles.
Prevent outbreaks of disease agents that are difficult to treat or control, like MRSA, C. difficile, etc.
Regular cleanings with FirstResponder can reduce Police Vehicle contribution to hospital acquired infections, one of the biggest preventable causes of death in health vehicle.
Reduce staff sick time with “pathogen-free” work environments
No toxic chemical buildup or odors
Superior Sterilizations over UV and Chemicals
Genlantis will maintain and service all leased FirstResponder Sterilizer.
Quick response times
Flexible lease terms


Inches Centimeters
Width (W) 20.62" 52.4
Depth (D) 8.12" 20.6
Height (H) 16.87" 42.8
Lbs. Kgs.
Weight 35 15.8

FirstResponder Sterilizer Manual