Handheld Sterilizer - FirstResponder

FirstResponder® Handheld UV-C Sterilizer

FirstResponder® Handheld UV-C Sterilizer utilizes UV light to eliminate pathogens on any surface in seconds. The Germicidal UV-C kills microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

For rapid spot cleaning on all kinds of surfaces.
Simply shine the UV-C light on the desired area.
Just takes a few seconds to sterilize any area that has been exposed to pathogens.
Portable, lightweight, and powerful.
Uses standard 120V AC power cord.


Quick spot sterilization for areas that have been exposed to potential pathogens
Ambulance compartment
Rear seat of police vehicle
Clothes, and footwear
Gear and equipment


Wave Length Cycle Time
254nm Instant
Inches Centimeters
Width (W) 18 45.7
Depth (D) 5.5 14
Height (H) 6.5 16.5
Lbs. Kgs.
Weight 1.5 0.6

Product will start shipping last week of April 2018.

Product pricing is valid for customers in the USA. Prices outside of the USA may vary

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