Gear Sterilizer - FirstResponder

FirstResponder® Duffle Bag Sterilizer

Provides a comprehensive ozone sterilization of bunker gear, clothes, boots or anything that has been exposed to potentially harmful pathogens.

Simply place items that require sterilization inside of the duffle bag. Set the timer for the desired treatment time (typically 30 minutes), and zip up bag completely and place in a well ventilated area (before and after cycle ends and opening bag). Provides a sterilized, and fresh smelling result.

Kills over 650 Pathogens including MRSA, C. Difficile, Norovirus, TB, Influenza, and Hepatitis in minutes.
Portable, lightweight and powerful.
Keeps our first responders and their families safe from potentially deadly infections.
Dramatically reduces sick time benefits and saves money in police, fire and EMS budgets.
No harsh chemicals or solvents - The green solution.
Comes in two sizes-medium (lightweight), and large (wheels and a collapsing handle).


First Responder Bunker Gear, Clothing, and Footwear (EMS, Fire, Police)
Athletes-Clothes and Shoes
Hunters-Jackets, Shirts, and Boots


mgph Cycle Time
500 30 minutes
Inches Centimeters
Width (W) 1615 4138
Length (L) 4234 10786
Height (H) 1612 4130
Lbs. Kgs.
Weight 15.04.0 6.81.8

$299 for wheeled
$249 for non-wheeled
Product will start shipping last week of April 2018.

Product pricing is valid for customers in the USA. Prices outside of the USA may vary

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